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Our non-contentious engineering and construction experts provide their top ten tips for executing documents. Only those parties to a document that have obligations under the document generally need signing and dating documents sign it. For example, only the warrantor needs to sign a collateral warranty where there are no step-in rights and only the party allowing reliance needs to sign a letter of reliance. The type of 'entity' signing the document will dictate who should sign it. The most common forms of 'entity' are:. The document is likely to be either a deed or a 'simple' contract.

When someone sends you a DocuSign document for your electronic signature, you first receive an email from DocuSign sent on behalf of the sender. Open the email and review the message from the sender. Review the consumer disclosure, and select the checkbox I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures. To view and sign signing and dating documents documents, you must agree to conduct business electronically. For more information of other actions available, please review our Signing Documentation. A message appears stating that you have completed your document. You can now download a PDF copy or print a copy of the document.

It depends on the kind of document. Some documents are contracts where the duties under the contract start "as of the date of execution," which means they start when signed. Under these contracts, the signing date is very important.
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While this article provided instructions on proper signing and sealing of engineering documents when it was first published, the rules have changed. Starting inthe Florida Board of Professional Engineers undertook the process of reorganizing and updating its Signing and Sealing rules Chapter 61G, Florida Administrative Codewhich went into effect in November Then from the end of through to the end ofbased on input from licensees, these changes were refined and can be found on the Statutes and Rules page on the FBPE website. While the number of improperly signed, dated, and sealed engineering documents turned over to the Board seems to be decreasing, there remain those who do not seem to signing and dating documents kept up with the rules. Failing to comply with these requirements is a violation of our rules. This article is aimed at helping licensees avoid violating the rules by highlighting a few key points on how to properly sign, date, and seal engineering documents. This article is offered only as an introduction and to provide guidance. Licensees are required, and strongly encouraged, to read and understand all of the rules that govern the practice of engineering within Florida in their entirety. Three key points warranting emphasis include: what needs to be signed, dated and sealed; physical documents versus electronic documents; and, how to sign, date, and seal engineering documents.

Dates don't just specify when you signed a legal document. They can be central elements in contract provisions that state when conditions must be fulfilled and when payment must be made. But while it is important to be accurate when specifying dates, you don't have to worry much about writing them in any particular way. In yesteryear, when legal documents were drafted with great formality, dates were written out both in letters and numbers. This precluded the possibility of a small error causing big problems. The system is still used for writing checks, and some banks and agencies continue to use this format signing and dating documents property deeds. Under modern rules, few if any states limit how you write dates in legal documents other than requiring standard American usage: the month first, the day second and the year last. Some attorneys spell out the month and use numerals for the day and year, while others use all numeric numbers. Spelling out the month eliminates confusion if dealing with other countries where the day comes first. As long as the intent is clear, all forms are acceptable.

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