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Chet Hanks revealed he has a daughter. For Chat Hank, the son of famous actor Tom Hanks, it is the same, but fans want more. As soon as the news hit of him having a daughter, fans were delighted but seconds later, scratching heads, the fans began asking, with whom exactly? Chet Hanks cannot be married because chet hanks dating history he were, Tom would have made a buzz in the Hollywood. So, the actor, who has also thrown some rap over the years, is not married.

Chet is better known for his troubled life rather than for his exploits in the entertainment industry. However, the lad recently turned a new leaf and released a confession video explaining how his love child was the reason why he decided to get clean. Follow us as we unveil more about Chet. Chet hanks dating history the age of 16, Chet became known for the wrong reasons chiefly his battle with substance abuse. However, at the same time, he attempted to follow in the footsteps of his father Tom and older brother Colin who is the most famous of the Hanks siblings as a result of his consistency in the film industry. In addition to acting, Chet has also got a musical side, he raps under the moniker Chet Haze.

Last Updated on October 3, You might be thinking about Chet Hanks girlfriend and dating story. Last year Chet Hanks became a father of a baby girl while all the information regarding the mother of the child remained mysterious. Chet was under police search for forceful sex assault on girls. He once even smashed a room where there were a few girls, had a car accident caused due to over drinking and reckless driving.
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By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Chet is very happy and proud being a father of a cute little baby girl. He is recently single and is being sober as he was addicted of drugs and alcohol in past. Though his relationship status is not open in the media a year back the year-old star kid, confirmed in media that he is a father to a baby girl. Chet who was seriously affected by drugs and alcohol is not in a relationship with the mother of his daughter. So, is chet hanks dating history dating someone else? Chet is most probably single guy as he is also not with Tiffany Miles; mother of his children.

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