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Terence is a dust keeping sparrowman. He has one of the most important jobs in Pixie Hollow : each day, he rises before dawn to help hand out Pixie Dust to the other are tinkerbell and terence dating. Never Fairies need at least one teacup of dust each day in order to fly and do magic. Though he loves to have fun, he also is kind and thoughtful, and has great wisdom of the heart. He is very friendly, and has many friends. He sparkles more than most other fairies because he works with Fairy Dust. Terence has a large spot for Tinker Bell in his heart. Everyone can see it except her.

He does and Tinkerbell also likes him. Although Terence does have a crush on Tink. Tinkerbell is in love with Peter Pan, Terence is her best friend and her secret admirer. Terence, a male Dust-Talent fairy, has a crush on Tinkerbell, who also likes Terence! The two friends have lots of fun together, but sometimes they get annoyed or angry with eachother. But isn't that how all relationships are? Yes in the are tinkerbell and terence dating a poem for tink she finds out.

According to our records, Tinkerbell is possibly single. Tinkerbell was previously married to Eyal Shiray. Tinkerbell has been in a relationship with Alex Koehler.
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Terence is generally calm and logical, who thinks things through carefully, unlike Tinkerbell. While he possesses a certain amount of simplistic wisdom, his advice is never overbearing, as seen when he subtly coerses Tink into telling him what he wants her to understand; that she should be proud of who she is. He is eager to help, sometimes to the point of being annoying, and is incredibly loyal to his are tinkerbell and terence dating. He enjoys playing games and helping Tinkerbell with her inventions, but he still takes his work as a Dust Keeper very seriously. Tinkerbell is shown to be incredibly fond of him, sometimes prefering his company over that of her other friends. He seems to have an eye for detail and appreciates beautiful things. Later, he tries to impress Tinker Bell, but to no avail. He tests Prilla to see if she is a dust-talent, but she is not because she sneezes, and dust fairies cannot sneeze. During the hurricane, he is worried about Tink, but cannot do anything to help her.

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